mathsnack is a haiku-size package of beautiful mathematics, with accompanying illustration. to the right is an example, featuring an all time-classic, the Bridges of Königsberg. From 2004 to 2009, each back page of Vinculum, the teachers' journal published by the Mathematical Association of Victoria, consisted of Mathsnacks on a given theme.

You can now download six years of Mathsnacks in pdf format, very suitable for printing and postering! Individual snacks are available at the links below, or you can download them altogether as one zipped file here (5 MB).


Murderous Mathematics, Vinculum 46(4)
"Semi" Circle, Vinculum 46(3)
Mathematical Monsters, Vinculum 46(2)
Great Mistakes in Mathematics, Vinculum 46(1)


Dan Brown, Phi and Da Vinci: Doh!, Vinculum 43(4)
Mnemonically Mnumerical, Vinculum 43(3)
Rolling, Rolling, Rolling, Vinculum 43(2)
Perfect Puzzles, Vinculum 43(1) plus the solutions to one of the puzzles that appeared in the following issue of Vinculum.


Futuramamaths (in this online version we have corrected a mistake that snuck into the printed version), Vinculum 45(4)
Bad Bets, Vinculum 45(3)
The Famous Five, Vinculum 45(2)
Finger Food, Vinculum 45(1)


Odder Even and another follow-up article to the table turning mathsnack in the June issue: Table Turning: feasting from a mathsnack, Vinculum 42(4)
To Be or Not Be, Too and a follow-up article to the table turning mathsnack in the June issue: Mathematical Inquiry: from a snack to a meal, Vinculum 42(3)
To Be or Not Be, Vinculum 42(2)
Inconceivable Infinity, Vinculum 42(1)

Quit and Eat Dinner, Vinculum 44(4)
Going, Going, Gone, Vinculum 44(3)
Terry Tao - Terrific!, Vinculum 44(2)
Poincare and Perelman: Perfection!, Vinculum 44(1)

Prime power, Vinculum 41(4)
How I Wish I Could Calculate Pi , Vinculum 41(3)
Pythagoras & Co., Vinculum 41(2)
The Golden Ratio, Vinculum 41(1)

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