MAV is proud to work with and be supported by many partners from industry, education, not for profits sectors, and government. Without the support of such partners the MAV would not be the strong dynamic Association it is today. We thank all our partners and sponsors for their ongoing support.

ACERThe Australian Council for Educational Research - Creating and promoting research-based knowledge, products and services to improve learning.

MAV and ACER collaborate in various projects and initiatives including professional learning and at their various conferences and events. ACER’s strength in research and assessment and MAV’s expertise in mathematics education when combined provides opportunity for greater impact on learning and educational outcomes.

anzuk education

At anzuk, we place exceptional people in educational settings. We invest in teachers looking for temporary or permanent work, provide search and selection for executive level managers, recruit support staff and supply permanent and casual educators and support staff for early childhood.
Now operating between Australia, the UK, USA, Canada and New Zealand, we can meet your needs wherever you are in your education career journey.
Every day, every way, always.

anzuk are an annual partner of MAV, enabling MAV to run its annual conference and various other events.

Cambridge University PressLeading the way in mathematics publishing for Australian schools, Cambridge University Press Australia is committed to the future of education in Victoria. We strive to publish exceptional resources that reflect specific syllabus requirements and broader curriculum developments, while incorporating educational change and technological innovation.

Cambridge University Press are an annual sponsor of MAV, enabling the MAV to run its annual conference and various other events.

CASIOFor decades Casio Education Australia has been committed to supporting local Australian mathematics teachers and students. We pride ourselves on our widely available resources including hundreds of free face-to-face workshops, freely available classroom materials and lesson ideas and of course, our user friendly technology. Casio Education Technology is inspired by Australian teachers for Australian students.

CASIO are an annual sponsor of MAV, enabling the MAV to run its annual conference and various other events.

Felstead EducationFor 30 years, Felstead Education has been delivering high quality, innovative and engaging educational programs for students.  Our broad range of live performances, presentations, and seminars have been seen by over 250,000 students and teachers in close to 1000 schools in Australia, Europe, Asia and America.

Felstead Education started their relationship with MAV in 1988 with a long running maths stage show, ‘The History of Maths’. Felstead’s motto of helping students to ‘See maths from a different angle’ resonated strongly in schools leading to MAV supporting Felstead’s love of numbers and performance to produce ‘Famous Female Mathematicians’, ‘Maths and Cricket’, ‘Maths and Soccer’ a pilot for a TV series titled ‘Maths Secret Agent’, and now the latest production – ‘The Maths Show’. MAV is the primary sponsor of the ‘The Maths Show’ and has produced related support resources for teachers to use in the classroom.

Love the GameThe foundation works at a whole-of-community level and with groups at high risk of gambling harm, to influence attitudes, to promote safer gambling behaviour and to offer treatment and services to people experiencing harm from gambling. To address the growing normalisation of gambling, especially in sport, the foundation’s School Education Program helps students develop healthy and informed attitudes towards gambling and to build resilience to potential harm.

MAV and the foundation have collaborated since 2015, conducting research and developing a series of VCAL numeracy units to help teachers use maths to illuminate the myths of gambling and the importance of treating recreation costs like gambling as a lower priority when budgeting.

The University of MelbourneThe Melbourne Graduate School of Education at The University of Melbourne is a vibrant and exciting place to study and work. The environment is supportive and student-focused and the variety of courses are challenging. The Melbourne Graduate School of Education is home to some of the world's most recognised experts, and staff research tackles the critical issues in education policy and practice. In the annual international QS ranking exercise, the School has consistently emerged top amongst all Australian universities, and amongst the top 5 in the world.

The Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Mathematics Education Group (MEG) is made up of a dynamic team of academics who engage with cutting-edge mathematics education research and who work with teachers to apply the findings in schools to facilitate students’ mathematics learning. In 2017, MAV and MEG combined forces to deliver an inaugural two-day primary mathematics education conference. After great success the conference was continued into future years, and is building a strong reputation for its innovative and quality program.

Both MAV and MEG plan to extend their impact beyond this event, with further projects that reach out to mathematics educators. Together the MAV and MEG add to each other’s individual impact, drawing on each other’s expertise to create rich experiences and events.

Texas InstrumentsFor more than 30 years, TI has been an active member of classrooms around the world, empowering teachers and inspiring students to succeed in mathematics and science. Through our calculators, coaching and classroom resources, TI EducationTechnology is transforming the way teachers teach and students learn STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects. With our award-winning products, engaging lessons, real-time assessment and top-notch professional development, TI is leading the way in mathematics and science education.

TI are an annual sponsor of MAV, enabling the MAV to run its annual conference and various other events.

The Education State \ Victoria State Government | Education and TrainingThe Department of Education and Training offers learning and development support, services and resources for all Victorians, from birth through to adulthood.

After delivering successfully from 2015 to 2017, DET have funded MAV again through the Strategic Partnership Program for the 2018-20 Triennium. Using the DET funding the MAV are able to continue their maths camp for regional high potential students, and offer free online professional learning workshops, focussing on regional schools.

MAV is also proud to be working with the VicSTEM Unit to develop resources and support activities related to the very exciting Victorian Maths Challenge. MAV has also supported the DET in producing resources for the Numeracy Toolkit.

MAV would like to thank DET for sponsoring various events and supporting MAV members to improve their teaching and learning outcomes.


Supporters of the 2019 Maths Camp for Regional Students, funded by the DET:

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Textas Instruments Reserve Bank of Australia



Supporters of the Girls in STEM day:

Thanks to the various partners that are supporting this very successful initiative. To find out who is involved click here.


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