The MAV Constitution was adopted via a special resolution at the AGM on 21st May 2019.

The Constitution can be accessed here: MAV Constitution.


The Objects of the Assocition are as follows:

5.1 Objects

(a) The Objects of the Company are to assist and advance education in mathematics, and to promote the importance and value of mathematics in society. The Company will pursue these Objects through a range of activities and services including, but not limited to, a focus on:

  1. supporting the development of a professional community of teachers, educators, and mathematicians, for the purpose of advancing mathematical education;
  2. promoting the importance and value of mathematics and the mathematical sciences in the wider community;
  3. providing professional learning for mathematics educators through events, conferences and publications;
  4. developing and promoting resources to facilitate the improvement of, and best practice in, teaching and learning of mathematics;
  5. establishing connections with and between educational institutions, students, parents and carers, cultural institutions, government and government bodies, industry and the wider community for the advancement of mathematics and the mathematical sciences, mathematical education, and educational research and investigation;
  6. undertaking advocacy and representation, to uphold the profession to society and key stakeholders, and to support the improvement of the profession of mathematics education and mathematics teaching; and
  7. anything ancillary to the Objects referred to in clauses 5.1(a)(i) to 5.1(a)(vi).



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